American and British Flower styles

Floristry styles differ all around the world. For example funeral work in United States is completely different from funeral work found in United Kingdom. This blog takes a closer look at the different styles using real florists work which has been submitted to the Direct2florist website.

Avante Gardens Florals Unique

Avante Gardens Florals Unique in Anaheim

Cathy at Avant Gardens is widely regarded as a leading florist in the American florist industry.
Her style of work predominately includes funky flowers and is very modern. Its nice to see she uses imaginative and fun names for her creations. IMO this style of floristry looks great – If I were to send to California I would definitely want to use Avante! See pictures of Cathys work.

But lets look closer at the difference in styles between Europe and United States. Almost every gift made by Cathy is in a container. Either a glass vase or dish. The arrangements too are presented in a different style. Many UK florists may describe this style of floristry as “country garden” meaning natural or not stylised. To provide comparison here are pictures from leading UK florist Rosa Florist’s in London.

The funeral work displayed by Avante Gardens is typical in style of all American style funeral work. That is the main characteristic being the flowers are presented on an upright stand. The stands are 3-4ft tall and using oasis they provide a great platform for the florist to show every flower. This is the reason why Funeral work in United States is so much more expensive than in the UK. It is generally expected a person sending funeral flowers will spend a great deal more on a funeral floral tribute.

UK style funeral work includes coffin sprays – known as double or single ended sprays and a variety of floral tributes that often take on shapes like an Angel or words like “Mum” or “Grandad.”

As well as the basic items such as hearts, wreath rings and pillows, many florists in the UK offer speciality shapes like dart boards, golf clubs, flags, the list goes on and on!!!

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