The emotions of colour

When sending flowers, often the hardest part will be choosing what to send. After all, you’ll no doubt be confronted by masses of photos, all talking about flower variety names and bouquet types that you’ve never heard of.

This is where colour comes in, because the colour combinations used by florists in their arrangements regularly mean more than just looking good: often the colours of the flowers are chosen for symbolic meaning.

This hidden symbolic meaning is important to get right, especially for occasions like weddings or funerals – and this is where the expertise of the professional florist comes in. For example, in certain countries in Europe and the Middle East, white is associated with funerals, as are chrysanthemums. In the UK and USA, there’s no problem using white or chrysanthemums for these occasions.

Knowing the symbolic meanings of colours will help you choose a suitable gift, perfect for the occasion. Here are some good examples…

White flowers: Traditionally chosen for funeral flowers, conveying worthiness and love.

Reds and pinks: These are ideal for Valentine’s Day and romantic occasions as they symbolise love, joy and passion. Some examples include roses, tulips and lilies.

Bright yellows and oranges: These colours are ideal for celebratory occasions and “get well soon” messages. They symbolise spring, cheerfulness, rebirth and adoration. Some examples include daffodils, sunflowers and buttercups. Autumn/fall features oranges and russet colours too – perfect for a new baby during harvest time perhaps?

Soft pastels: Soft creams, yellows, and violets convey pleasure, grace, beauty, love, fertility and innocence. They are popular for weddings and baby showers. Some examples include sweet peas, orange blossom and gardenia.

Sometimes you can easily match the flowers to an occasion. For ruby wedding anniversaries, ruby red flowers are ideal, for golden wedding anniversaries choose gold flowers, for Mother’s Day choose pinks and for Easter, yellows are a good option.

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