Why are roses so expensive?

This year roses in the UK are expected to be more expensive than ever. Leading long stem varieties like Grand Prix and Naomi may cost as much as £6.00 a stem, but why?

Of course, one reason is supply and demand. Almost 99% of all UK’s flower supplies are grown in vast green-houses in Holland and sold through the Dutch flower auctions. The Dutch flower auctions supply virtually all of Europe with fresh flowers. The demand for red roses at Valentines day pushes the prices higher and higher.

For florists in the UK another reason is the continued decline of the Pound against the Euro. This is making the prices of flowers and roses even more expensive for UK florists.

Gift Idea:

Why not go for a Pink Rose? Valerie is a stunning variety of pink rose. They make a gorgeous bouquet, especially when mixed with beautiful foliage like Bupleurum, Ruskus, Steel Grass and Salal.

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose

Many florists will be stocking beautiful fresh pink roses this Valentines Day.

And a pink rose bouquet makes for a tasteful alternative thats lighter on the pocket too!

Want to stay classic? Here’s a brief guide to Red Roses.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix

The Best Long Stem (and most expensive) Red Rose varieties are:
Grand Prix &  Naomi, – both are stunners!

Middle Grade Roses:
Freedom, Passion

Low Grade Roses:
Short stem red roses from Kenya (much less expensive)

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