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At Direct2Florist we wholeheartedly support local businesses ie florists. Florists working throughout the USA who are independent, proud of their craft and florists with their own ideas, designs and qualities. At Saddle Creek florist in Florida; Vivian works daily, creating and delivering beautiful flowers throughout her community and beyond the Sunshine State itself. Working with Direct2Florist, our florists are encouraged to embrace their individuality and showcase their talents. Every floral gift created has its own individual twist and there are never 2 the same. Shannon Loves Flowers in Albuquerque the name of the florist is very much a statement of fact. Shannon does love flowers and carries out deliveries daily but her style of florist choice bouquet will have a different look than one made by Grace at Flowers by Grace in Miami, who’s artistic flair will have her own slant on the bouquet.

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Flower Shops in America

Our florists in The USA are incredibly talented and their knowledge of flowers is unsurpassed. They know the flowers suited to any occasion, flowers to last, flowers to represent any occasion or feeling. The etiquette of funeral tributes, wedding flowers and what should and should not go together… who’d have thought it but there is so much more to flowers but flowers are their passion. One of Direct2Florist’ super talented florists in the states will deliver the perfect floral gift to your special people overseas. Whatever emotion you want to convey, they will have the best thing to ensure this gets across when they hand the flowers over to your recipient.

Share Feelings With Flowers

Customer speak to the florist and they tell them exactly what they are trying to convey with their floral gift. With their talents, the florist will recreate their feelings and emotions with their message in a beautiful bouquet or a stunning arrangement. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure timing and environment are perfectly tuned to guarantee that their flowers are stored in the right way to maintain their look and quality.

The Florists and Flower shops across the states are little havens of creativity. Our American florists all have the skill and the ability to create a bespoke funeral tribute right and fitting to commemorate the death of a loved one - a tribute that speaks their names and brings them to your mind as soon as you see it, a beautiful floral gift that needs no message on a card, a tribute that speaks a thousand words unsaid. They can then turn their hands to create a beautiful gift of flowers to welcome a new baby into the world. Although the flowers may indeed be from the same bunch, the way they are put together can create different sentiments entirely.

For a beautiful gift to loved ones in America, nothing says it like flowers and nobody does flowers better than our florists in the USA. Local, talented, creative florists. Committed to their craft, dedicated to their vocation devoted to flowers and all that they convey.... Delivering love and happiness in a floral gift every day….

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