Flowers to USA. Hand delivered by a professional local florist.

Flowers to the USA..? no problem. Distance is no hurdle with Direct2Florist. When you want to send flowers to your nearest and dearest in the USA; Direct2Florist have it covered. Working with over 3500 real florists worldwide. Each one of them talented, dedicated and independent. If you have family, friends and loved ones in the USA - why leave them out of the joyous experience of receiving flowers ? With Direct2Florist and one of 3500 talented independent florists; they will make this happen. Beautiful fresh flowers chosen by you, hand made and hand delivered by a florist near them. Flowers for any and every occasion. Flowers for everyone. Expert florists, expert service.

Provided by Direct2florist

Direct2Florist are simply the portal into over 3500 florists. Direct2Florist gives the customer the freedom, choice and ability to pick a delivery date, pick the flowers they want and pick the florist they want to do the delivery. Through Direct2Florist, you can send flowers for all and any occasion all across the USA. Flowers brighten our world and brighten our day. Flowers will make your friends in New York smile, they will show your family in Orlando that you miss them and show your special person in Philadelphia that you love them. Order flowers online today for a delivery today or any day in the USA.

Direct2Florist offers the customer what the customer wants. Flexibility, security and choice. Flowers can be ordered through Direct2Florist in a moment and handed to the person you love often the very same day. With more than 3500 talented independent florists in 21 countries, you can send flowers to the people you care for worldwide. A beautiful flower bouquet, a bright and colourful basket arrangement or anything you choose, ordered and delivered by a talented independent florist simply just add water and enjoy. Delight your special people, bring happiness into their day. Order flowers and show them you care.

Direct2Florist offers value for money, it supports local businesses and it looks after its customers. When ordering flowers for delivery through Direct2Florist, the customer can be assured that they get to choose what they want, they can choose when they want it and they can be assured their recipient will be delighted with their delivery of beautiful fresh flowers. More importantly however they can be assured that their details are 100% secure. Whatever you choose to pay for the flowers for your loved ones, that is exactly the amount the florist will receive to create and deliver them.

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