A flower for every anniversary

When you want to send flowers, selecting the correct flowers can be something of a headache. Some choose their flowers and plants by colour, others through knowledge of favourite flowers. However, next time you send anniversary flowers (or birthday flowers for that matter), why not reflect the tradition of anniversary gift lore in your choice of flowers and plants?

Each anniversary has a special something traditionally associated with it; and Direct2Florist has found a flower or plant to match, allowing you to choose the perfect floral gift. Here’s a roundup of flowers for the big anniversaries.

1st: Paper – Paper Flower is another name for bougainvillea.

2nd: Cotton – Hibiscus is sometimes called the Cotton Rose; Gossypium or ornamental cotton is also available.

3rd: Leather – Leatherleaf is a readily available foliage that would make an ideal collar for a mixed bouquet. It’s commonly used by Direct2Florist’s florists.

4th: Fruit or flowers – Anything goes here!

5th: Wood – Zantedeschia “Highwood” has huge white flowers. Zantedeschias are of course also known as arum or calla lilies.

6th: Iron – Aspidistra is known as the Cast Iron plant; or choose the Begonia masoniana “Iron Cross”.

7th: Wool – Specialist florists might be able to get hold of Lacynostachys, the Australian Lambstail. Or, wool can be used as a surprisingly lovely decorative accessory.

8th: Bronze – Several varieties of Rex begonia have beautiful bronzed leaves.

9th: Pottery – “White Wedgwood” iris fits the bill; as does hyacinth “Delft Blue”.

10th: Tin or aluminium – Pilea is commonly called the Aluminium Plant.

15th: Crystal – Zantedeschia “Crystal Blush” is very pretty and very appropriate.

20th: China – Callistephus is better known as Chinese Aster; Physalis is the Chinese Lantern plant; Sandersonia is also called Chinese Lanterns.

25th: Silver – Silver Vine is the common name for Scindapsus pictus.

30th: Pearl – Choose Anigozanthos “Mini Pearl”, a pale pink kangaroo paw.

35th: Coral or jade – Ardisia is also known as Coral Berry; Jade Plant is another name for Crassula argentea.

40th: Ruby – The soft tails of Setaria “Red Jewel”

45th: Sapphire – Track down the elusive Browallia, or Sapphire Flower plant.

50th: Gold – Zantedeschia “Florex Gold” is pure deep yellow; or what about some Soleil d’Or (gold sun) narcissi?

60th: Diamond – Iris “Blue Diamond” is a rich navy; alstroemeria “Diamond” leopard-spotted white; spray carnation “West Diamond” a soft pink.

Above all else though, if you’re unsure of what to buy, we’re here to help, with Direct2Florist’s florists happy to create gifts to match your requirements.

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